Rabbit Undergoes Surgery in Mumbai, 500-Gram Tumour Removed From Its Chest
Representational Image (Photo Credits: Pixabay)

Mumbai, March 6: A rabbit in Mumbai underwent surgery to remove a rare dangling tumour from its chest. It weighed about 500 grams and had to be surgically removed. The large tumour made it difficult to walk for the 9-year-old rabbit. Had the tumour got a cut it could have been fatal. Veterinarian Nihar Jayakar, who performed the surgery, told ANI, "It wasn't life-threatening right now, but the bleeding could have killed the rabbit. So the surgery was necessary." Because of the heavy tumour, the rabbit could not even sit up. Tiger at SGNP Undergoes Lip Surgery For Tumour, Now Recovering.

The rabbit was a pet of a family living in Andheri. The family took it to the hospital when the rabbit started experiencing discomfort. Tumours in rabbits are not unusual but the doctors confirmed this was rare. It was a 90-minute surgery which was conducted only after a blood test was done. It showed the rabbit's liver and kidney function was normal, so the doctors went ahead with the surgery. Dr Jayakar was quoted in TOI report, "The tumour measured 12cm in diameter. The mass formed almost 17% of the rabbit’s body weight." Snake Bite Makes Boy Undergo Rare Hand Surgery in Mumbai.

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The rabbit was given antibiotics and has recovered well in the past 10 days. It also gained 200 gram within these days. Jayakar said the tumour, although rare, is 'well documented' and he plans to present this unusual medical case in an international conference. (With ANI Inputs)