Snake Filmed While Eating a Pigeon on Streets in London, Watch Video
A snake was filmed eating a pigeon in London (Photo credits: Twitter/DaveFawbert and Video grab)

Snakes are dangerous and watching them hunt or eat upon their prey is not too appealing either. A tropical snake, a boa constrictor was found eating a pigeon on the streets in London. The snake was apparently an abandoned pet and was spotted on High Road, Leytonstone. It was a busy street and thus caused panic among the passersby. The snake was rescued by the RSPCA and was taken to a wildlife centre. Python Swallowed a Baby Monkey, The Monkeys Later Killed The Snake! View Pic. 

The organisation is now learning information about where did the snake come from. The RSPCA inspector Rebecca Benson told the Press, "I’m very keen to find out how he came to be in such a dangerous situation. Exposed like that on a street could have meant anything might have happened to him – he could have been run over by a car or attacked by another animal." The video shows the snakes coiling up around the pigeon outside a pavement near a shop. On first looking at it, it was believed it was a python. Chinese Woman Ordered Venomous Snake Online to Make Traditional Wine, Died After Being Bitten by It! 

Take a look at the video of the python eating snake in London:

It is not clear what happened to the pigeon but someone also said it looked like, someone had given the dead pigeon to the snake. Snakes are known to swallow down on their preys and then rest for long periods of time. Meanwhile, the organisation said that off late they are rescuing a lot of neglected animals. Thankfully, this snake was rescued from the busy streets.