Loyal Dog Dubbed As ‘Greek Hachiko’ Refuses to Move From Spot Where Owner Died in a Car Accident (Watch Video)
Loyal Dog Dubbed As ‘Greek Hachiko’ (Photo Credits: Video Screengrab/ YouTube)

A dog’s loyalty has once again melted the hearts of netizens. About 18 months ago, the pooch’s owner died in a car accident, the spot is seven and half a miles away from their home. Ever since then the loyal dog refused to move from the scene in Nafpaktos, Greece. Many locals have tried to adopt the pooch, but it would always come back to the spot, remembering his beloved owner. His loyalty has been dubbed as “Greek Hachiko,” and the viral video of the pet's love and devotion for the owner is melting every dog lover’s heart. Dog is a Man’s Best Friend: Video of a Loyal Dog Protecting His Drunk Owner Will Melt Your Hearts. 

According to Nafpaktia News, the dog’s owner, identified as Haris, was hit with a cement mixer on November 9, 2017. His brother had died just earlier. The pet, whose is unknown, has been upset over the tragic incident and he remains at the scene of the crash for over a year now. Since the stubborn pooch would not move from the spot, locals have built him a small kennel, where the fatal crash happened. They have even placed a blanket for the pooch to stay warm with regular drops of food and water. Loyal Dog Madison Who Survived California Fire Found Guarding Owners’ Burnt Home for a Month. 

Watch Viral Video of the Loyal Dog

Such is the devotion of the mourning pooch. The dog stays there throughout the seasons, only moving into the nearby bushes for some shade when it is extremely hot. Locals have affectionately called him as the “Greek Hachiko,” after the renowned pet who waited at a station in Tokyo, Japan for 10 years after his master’s death in 1925.