The body of an XXX OnlyFans model who is addicted to excessive cosmetic surgery is crumbling beneath the weight of her implants, so she is pleading with her followers to buy her a mobility scooter. The "world's fattest vagina" and 10kg of breast implants wear down Mary Sebastian Pickles Magdalene or simply, Mary Magdalene's ankles and back, and she has admitted that she may be permanently wheelchair-bound. The celebrity asked her Instagram fans on Wednesday to buy her a $1,900 mobility scooter so she could get around. XXX OnlyFans model Mary Magdalene, a surgical addict, begs her followers to buy her a pricey mobility scooter so she can go around after her operations making it difficult for her to walk normally. Real-Life Devil Gets Banned From Churches For His Extreme Body Modifications! Brazilian Man Has Implanted Horns, Tattoos and Much More!

The XXX social media sensation revealed earlier this week that she has health issues and that the added strain the implants are causing on her body may prevent her from ever walking normally again. Despite being in great pain from having to walk long distances across the terminal, the Mexican-born beauty claimed she "never" asks wheelchairs at the airport out of shame. Over the years, the OnlyFans model has spent over $100,000 on plastic surgery. “My boobs are so heavy I want to buy a mobility scooter,” she wrote on social media.

However, despite all of her potentially fatal procedures and the negative attention they received, the 30-year-old claims the danger was worthwhile because it prevented her from leading a life of prostitution and striptease. Additionally, the former stripper had her teeth crushed down so they could be replaced with porcelain veneers. Thanks to her fame on OnlyFans and other social media sites, the model claims she is now "paid to exist".

XXX OnlyFans Model with 10kg Breast Implants & the 'World’s Fattest Vagina':




She underwent her first procedure, a breast augmentation at age 21, to increase her attractiveness to strip club clientele. Subsequently, she spent thousands of dollars on everything from butt implants to a procedure to expand her vagina. Mary also gets cheap butt implants in Colombia, three different butt lifts in Brazil, and illegal "under the table" silicone injections.  XXX platform OnlyFans doesn't traditionally provide porn like or but it is super popular amongst fans! Even celebs like Cardi B Mia, Khalifa, Bella Thorne, Tyler Posey, and Blac Chyna coming closer to fans. OnlyFans provides you with options to subscribe XXX content. XXX website, OnlyFans models thrived in the year 2020 during the COVID-19 lockdown as people lost their means to earn money.

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