Survival of the fittest is the law of nature. But what will be your reaction when you see a strange animal attacking the weaker one? As humans, our first instinct would be to save it. But by doing that wouldn't you be distributing the cycle of nature? Video of a python strangulating a baby deer has gone viral on social media platforms. In the clip, a man can be seen trying to help the deer from the clutches of the snake with the branch of a tree. He repeatedly does that and eventually, the python loses is the grip. The deer jumps out of the snake's hold and skips away and the reptile also crawls away into the nearby bushes. As the video went viral, people thanked the man for his kind gesture but not everyone is of the same opinion. Video of Buffalo's Mighty Leap Over a Pride of Lions to Escape an Attack Is Going Viral on Twitter!

The video was shared on Twitter with a question, "What do you think? The man was right or wrong?" While most of them believed that the man was only relying on his instincts to help the poor animal, others said that the law of nature does not allow human intervention. Varying opinions were shared online which also kickstarted debates on the topic. Duck Fools a Dog by Playing Dead! Other Times When Animals Faked Death to Escape From Tough Situations (Watch Viral Videos)

Here's The Video:

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What Should be Done in This Scenario?

Let Nature be Left Alone?

Python's Right?

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Any Thoughts?

Food For Thought!

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Who Was Right?


Does Man Have Right to Interfere in Nature's Law:

If Not This Deer, Then Another Tomorrow?

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While the video has initiated various conversations on Twitter, we are not sure what made the man do the act. The video has been captured from a vehicle when it was happening in the middle of the road. Probably, the man simply wanted to pass through the road and rescued the deer. Whatever be his thought process, Twitter is flooded with varying opinions on the law of nature.

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