Aside from hunting, lions, the king of the jungle are beautifully attached to their partners in the forest. Time and again, we have come across videos from the wild that shows how these animals behave and love to hang around with each other. However, they often end up in arguments too, and most of the times, these moments have been captured by wildlife enthusiasts. Once again another video appeared on social media that captured a ‘royal’ jungle affair in the Gir Forest in Gujarat. The clip captures the lion and lioness engaged in a roaring argument. What interested the netizens more was the brawl between the two animals and how the lion ends up the fight, trying to make his queen calm, who appeared to be very angry. Twitterati relates the moment from the wild to every husband-wife matter in the house, and the jokes reaction to the viral video are so hilarious. Lions Drink Water Together at River in South Africa's Mala Mala Game Reserve, Spectacular Sight Caught on Camera!

Gir National Park in Gujarat is home of the majestic Asiatic lions. Many videos and photos have been captured and shared in the past, showing how wild animals behave in the jungle. The viral video in question was shot by wildlife photographer and political Zubin Mishra. The official Twitter handle of Wild India shared the video with the caption, “The Royal affair captured in Gir forest by @zubinashara. Headphone recommended.” Well, you must really need to watch the video with a headphone on!

The nearly 22-second-video shows a lion and a lioness is standing facing each other—the lioness charge at the lion roaring at him. Moments later, she cowers down a bit and sits down with the lion looking on.

Watch the Video Here:

As soon as the video it went viral, Twitterati found humour in the situation. To many users, the argument just looked like a mundane fight between the husband and wife, as they shared some hilarious jokes reaction to the viral video.

Check Out the Reactions!

Simba and Nala?


External Affair?


In This Case the Lioness

Videos from the wild often go viral, fascinating wildlife enthusiasts online. Recently, a majestic black panther in Karnataka was making rounds on the internet. And now the above clip, an argument between a royal couple in the jungle. It is videos like these that keep the netizens entertained along with sharing information of the animals in the jungle and their behaviours.

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