This Video of Deaf Baby Giggling After Hearing For The First Time Has Left The Internet in Happy Tears
Baby's reaction after hearing for first time (Photo Credits: zidyboby YouTube)

A deaf baby's reaction on hearing for the first time has left the internet teary-eyed. 11-month-old Scarlet Benjamin had contracted an infection called NEC after being born. The three months premature baby then developed a stomach infection and her mother Caroline Dianne Benjamin had to make the hard decision of giving her antibiotics. While she would be cured of the infection, doctors told Caroline that Scarlet would become deaf.

Now as she is going to turn a year old, Scarlet has started hearing thanks to hearing aid. The video that has gone viral shows Scarlet giggling continuously on hearing her 4-year-old sister Halie calling her "baby sister" repeatedly. The baby goes on laughing looking at her older sister sitting on her mother's lap. She also turns to look at her mother in between who can be seen wiping a tear on seeing her daughter's first reaction after hearing. These Videos of Babies Not Recognising Their Dads After Shaving Beard are Adorably Cute.

Sharing the video on Facebook, Caroline wrote, "Hearing aids make a WORLD of difference! I am so blessed and thankful for Atlanta Hearing Associates in Milledgeville for all that they have done for our baby girl. Anyway, enjoy one of the absolute best days of our lives. By the way, I'm crying, you're crying, everyone is crying." Baby Lip Syncing to 'Girls Like You' With Dad is Too Cute to Handle, Watch Adorable Video.

Watch the beautiful video here:

NEC or necrotising enterocolitis, is a series intestinal disease in premature babies. Caroline thanked Atlanta Hearing Associates in Milledgeville, Georgia, who fitted the hearing aid on her baby. The baby's giggles were quick to go viral with most people commenting it made them smile too. Reactions of babies' reactions on hearing for the first time has gone viral multiple times in the past, much to the joy of internet users.