TikTok Users Are Trying Out The New Cat Filter With Their Pet Felines and The Reactions Are Priceless (Watch Viral Videos)
TikTok cat filter video (Photo Credits: Video Grab)

We all love trying out different filters while taking pictures and realising the love for them, we have new filters coming up time and again. Among the most popular filters are the cat, dog and other animal filters which are now available in-built in some smartphones. Have you tried using the filters in the presence of your pets alongside? Recently, TikTok got a new cat filter on the app. And some users tried using the new cat filter on themselves, with their feline buddies by their side and the reactions are priceless. The funny TikTok videos are going viral. A video has been shared online which compiles some reactions and it is going viral. Pet Cat's Reaction on Woman Teaching Her Dog to Swim Has Left the Internet in Splits! (Watch Funny Video).

Using filters on cats was quite a trend which even prompted Snapchat to introduce special filters for the feline buddy. Almost a year ago, Snapchat added fun filters which made a cat look like they are wearing glasses, have googly eyes or a toast hat. A cat filter, but scarier than a cute version, has been introduced on TikTok and cat owners decided to have some fun with it. They captured their pet's reaction when the owners appeared like cats themselves, with this new filter. Needless to say, the results are brilliant. The funny video is now going viral on social media.

Watch Video of Cat's Reaction to Owner's Cat Filter:

Here's Another Video Compilation:

The reactions of the cats are just priceless. If you ever thought cats cannot express, these videos show such varied expressions of them. Some of these are really scared and others are so confused. Well, at least in this none of the cats have attacked back or pounced on their owners. It is quite fun to mess around though. If you too own a cat you may want to try this out too?

This also reminds us of the recent trend where parents were trying out the creepy spider filter on their kids. But not everyone appreciated the idea as it freaked out most of the little ones. Twitterati was furious at the parents who enjoyed doing stuff like this.