This toddler trying to help a man clear snow stumbles while doing so. The video capturing his cute trip goes viral. Watch:
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This video of a cat love triangle has taken over the internet. In the video you can see, two cats having a romantic time and then another cat walks into them. Watch Video:

Twitter is in the mood for #blackdresstwitter. The social media platform is filled with people sharing their pictures in black clothes.Check Tweet:

Kangaroo Island of Australia, which is a paradise filled with forest and nature reserves have been damaged by the fires. A dramatic image revealed by NASA shows how a huge portion of the island became a victim of the raged wildfires.View Pic:

This 19-month-old girl saw her own shadow, reportedly for the very first time and she freaked out! In the clip, the girl can be seen trying to run away from her own shadow. When the dark figure, was naturally following her, everywhere she goes, the baby girl started to cry.Watch the Viral Video:

A Minnesota man encountered an extremely friendly deer, who walked them home. The deer was walking in the neighbourhood streets with the man and allows him to pet it. The adorable video has gone viral.Watch the Video:

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are making headlines after the couple announced to step back as senior royals. Though the decision to separate themselves from the royal family is a serious matter, many have plenty of jokes to offer. With #Megxit, hilarious memes have taken over Twitter.Check Tweets:

Hundreds of protesters who assembled at Jama Masjid, New Delhi to protest against JNU violence, by joining candle march and sing India's national anthem. The video capturing the proud moment has gone viral.Watch Video:

To start yet another day, netizens are trending 'Thursday Thoughts' accompanied by hashtags. Twitter is filled with beautiful messages and images to kick-start the day.Check Tweets:

What is a day without social media these days? We all remain eager to know what is going on in the day and social media has become one of the most loved sources these days. Here's to another Thursday filled with lots of social media buzz. The day begins on a high note. Social media platforms are filled with people sharing inspirational quotes, pics, images, greetings, GIFs and videos, along with the hashtag, #ThursdayThoughts, #ThursdayFeelings, #ThrowbackThursday and #ThursdayMotivation.

Some of these hashtags have thousands of tweets with the same buzz on Facebook and WhatsApp as well. People are also sharing "Good Morning" texts, Images, Quotes and GIFs to the loved ones. While we wait for more videos and pictures get on the trending page, we promise you to bring them to you via this viral live blog so that you have everything you need to see at one place. Right now on various social media platforms, Pravasi Bharatiya Divas is a trending subject with people sharing a lot of posts wrapped around it. It is also Farhan Akhtar's birthday and netizens have filled Twitter with wishes and lots of love.

Cute kids and animal videos are not going anywhere and have their regular share of presence on social media. We love to watch these cute, viral videos again and again that take over social media anyway. Well, that is all about now, we will share with you anything that comes on the trending page, across all social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, etc. Whatever trends on social media will be at your fingertips.