02 Jul, 20:57 (IST)

Fair & Lovely changed the name to Glow & Lovely. But the word Glow hardly makes it any better and netizens are far from impressed. Funny memes and jokes about the rebranded name are trending on Twitter. Read more here

Check Funny Memes on Glow & Lovely: 

Pagal Log!
New Ads Would Be Like...

02 Jul, 19:58 (IST)

Endangered Javan Rhino was spotted taking a mud bath in Indonesia's National Park.Watch Video:

02 Jul, 18:45 (IST)
Mumbai's Dr Richa Negi grooved on Bollywood song Garmi while she was wearing a PPE Kit. Video of her dancing is going viral on social media.Check it Here:
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02 Jul, 17:41 (IST)

Vide of two bear cubs playing with each other at a national park in Texas has gone viral on social media platforms. The 41-second clip was shared on Facebook by Chisos Mountains Lodge - Big Bend National Park. Watch the video below here.

02 Jul, 15:54 (IST)

St Albans Cathedral in the UK has decided to feature Black Jesus in their Last Supper painting from July 4 onwards. The development comes after the church said that without the changes, the church would not feel fit to preach about racial justice. Read the entire story here.Here is the Photo:

02 Jul, 14:12 (IST)
Heart-warming video of a toddler feeding a German Shepherd is going viral on Instagram. Watch video:
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02 Jul, 12:15 (IST)

Over 2.3 million people have watched this adorable video of two little bear cubs wrestling! Watch video:

02 Jul, 09:38 (IST)

Video of Baby elephant tumbling while shooing away birds is going viral and it is the cutest thing you'll see. Watch video:

02 Jul, 08:39 (IST)

Twitter is abuzz with #ThursdayMorning & #ThursdayMotivation trend with positive Good Morning Quotes & Messages. Check Tweet:Motivation

Self Belief!

Good morning! It's a Thursday morning and people have taken to Twitter sending each other good morning wishes and spread positivity. Thoughts using hashtags #ThursdayMotivation and #ThursdayThoughts are up on Twitter. With flower photos or famous quotes, people start the day on a pleasant note. As the day progresses, we will keep you updated with funny memes, trending topics, viral videos, latest tweets and Facebook posts. Stay tuned to this live blog.

July 2 marks the celebration of World UFO Day, so all the people who love exploring into the extra-terrestrial space, there could be some things of interest tomorrow. UFO facts, videos, sightings pictures could be shared online. It is also World Sports Journalist Day, appreciating all reporters who cover the sports beat. Other significant birthdays today include Margot Robbie, Lindsay Lohan, Shirley Setia, Hasan Ali. Any other related day trends we will let you know in this section.

In this section, we shall ensure you know about everything trending on the internet but the funny ones. We will try and cover the viral trends, hashtags, posts, memes and videos that are going viral today. It is important to spread smiles as we already face this grim situation of a pandemic. Hope you have a Happy Thursday!