Yeontan, Tan, Tannie or Kim Yeontan, a black and tan "Pomeranian" dog that belongs to V from BTS has taken over Twitter with adorable videos and pictures.Watch Video:

Virat Kohli's celebrates his birthday on November 5 aka tomorrow but #HappyBirthdayViratKohli has already made it to the top trends on Twitter.Check Tweet:

Shah Rukh Khan thanks fans and friends after they flood the internet with birthday wishes. His tweet goes viral:

Twitter is in love with Tabu's look in Ala Vaikunthapurramulo. The look was revealed on her birthday.Check Tweet:

Chhath Puja 2019 is over but pictures of devotees offering prayers to the rising sun in the polluted Yamuna river is going viral amidst Delhi facing a severe dip in its air quality.Check Tweet:

Kerry and her husband Robert have a 21-year-old autistic son, David. He has been non-verbal for most of his life. His first question to his mother, was "Would someone like me?" has touched the netizens on Twitter. The response was immediate with tweets and replies.Here's the Tweet:

David Have So Many Friends Now:

A steady stream of water was seen spraying from the side of One Liberty Place in Philadelphia. The spectators were stunned to see the tragic sight as cars on the street were soaked by the gush of water. According to witnesses, the stream of water continued to spew for about five minutes before coming to a halt.Watch Viral Video:

This 11-year-old kid, named Kade turned 11. But no one showed up to his birthday party. The child is clearly a fan of Toronto's Maple Leafs hockey team. As his father shared the upsetting situation on Twitter, hockey players poured in their birthday wishes.Here's the Kid:

Here's Toronto's Maple Leafs Wishing Him:Big Birthday Surprise On Its Way?

The air quality of Delhi continues to worsen as AQI crosses severe level. Netizens have come together to participate in government schemes and follow important measures to fight against pollution. It is because of this that 'Lets Unite Against Pollution' is trending on Twitter as the top trending hashtag on the social media platform.Check Tweets:

A dog owner has shared the agonising moment of her beloved pooch who can be seen shaking in fear because of firecrackers. The footage posted on Facebook by Karen Palmer from Scotland shows the poor dog, shivering in fear, as the owner tries to comfort the pet.Watch Video:

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Yet another Monday is here and Twitterati hopes it is just a scary dream. But after the weekend, the most dreadful day of the week has finally arrived. People have taken to Twitter about how scary Mondays are, and we agree too. While most people hope Sunday was followed by another Sunday, some are sharing motivational quotes and inspirational thoughts and celebrating it as a new day full of new opportunities. People have taken to Twitter sharing stories with the hashtags #MondayMotivation and #MondayThoughts. And as the day progresses we promise to bring you trending stories from around the world. From the latest memes, funny GIFs, viral videos to top-discussed tweets, we promise to keep you updated about everything around the world on social media platforms.

Gopastami which is dedicated to Lord Krishna and cows will be observed on November 4. It is the coming-of-age celebration when Krishna's father, Nanda Maharaja, gave Krishna the responsibility for taking care of the cows of Vrindavan.

In the age of social media, anything and everything has the ability to go viral on social media. From a small incident which happens in the corner of a village to international events, everything gains momentum on the internet. Social media has in the past made and broken careers of people. It is a platform where various things come together. From tweets, GIFs, videos, Facebook posts to viral stories, social media brings various things on a single platter. Meanwhile, we wish everyone a great Monday and hope you get through the first day of your working week happily.