08 Oct, 21:01 (IST)

A Twitter user has shared his incredible talent of making art piece in Powerpoint. The result is beautiful and it is going viral. Check the pic here:

08 Oct, 19:36 (IST)

A very funny picture of a cat has been shared online in which the cat has climbed over a baby! It is captioned 'baby sitting' and is going viral. Check it Here:

08 Oct, 18:19 (IST)

French luxury fashion Givenchy's latest launch, three-toed socks and sandals have gone viral with people comparing it to various things.Here Are the Pictures:

 Here Are The Pictures:

08 Oct, 16:54 (IST)

The mysterious sea creature washed up on a Texas beach recently. The creature was found by Holly Grand from the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department during a routine survey of the marine life at Nighthawk Bay.Watch The Video Below:

08 Oct, 15:13 (IST)

Video of an unruly passenger making his co-passenger smell his socks has gone viral. It shows him lifting his leg and shoving his feet under her nose. The video went viral causing a social media outrage.Watch The Video Below:

08 Oct, 12:32 (IST)

Adorable video of pet dog hugging toddler goes viral. Watch video:

08 Oct, 11:29 (IST)

Adorable video of elephant spraying water on a camel goes viral. Watch video:

08 Oct, 08:40 (IST)

Happy Thursday! #ThursdayThoughts & #ThursdayMorning are trending On Twitter with Good Morning HD Images, Quotes, & Greetings. Check Tweet:

CompassionHave a Great Day!

There is still one more day to go for the weekend to arrive and we get it if you just want the weekend to come back soon. This morning to begin you day with positivity, the good thoughts and messages are trending online. Twitterati is sharing their ideas with the hashtags #ThursdayThoughts and #ThursdayMotivation for us to push through this day. As the day progresses we will keep you updated with the fun trends, what's causing a buzz online, the funny memes and viral videos from around the world.

Social media plays a very important role in times of a crisis and at this point we are battling more than just one. Other than the pandemic of coronavirus, we also see of wildfires or hurricanes in other parts of the world. Thanks to Twitter we get the instant updates of what is happening where. If there are any trends going viral on TikTok, they eventually come over Instagram as well. The same goes for the meme trends online. So social media with a few hashtags and proper searches you know what is happening where. In this section, we will get you the fun parts of what is going around or causing a buzz online. We will also try to bust the fake news that are shared widely online.

We’ll try our best to get update you with the best bits that go viral today. Stay tuned with this live blog to be updated on everything going viral on social media platforms.