Twitterati Unimpressed With COVIDIOTS for Celebrating Diwali Early With Crackers and Fireworks Amid PM Modi’s #9Baje9Minute Diya Jalao Campaign
People Bursting Firecrackers Amid PM Modi’s #9Baje9Minute Diya Jalao Campaignv (Photo Credits: Twitter)

The moment the clock hit 9, people across India have followed Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s appeal during the nationwide lockdown. They switched off the lights at their homes and lit the candles and earthen lamps to show their solidarity. However, some took to an extra level by bursting the crackers. COVIDIOTS who misunderstood PM’s appeal were celebrating Diwali early by going down to the streets, bursting crackers and fireworks. People took to social media that showed many neighbourhoods across the nation lighting crackers, blowing horns and even shouting and cheering, while the event was supposed to be a peaceful one, by remaining at home and showing harmony from the balconies. Soon #Diwali started trending online with unimpressed Twitterati sharing videos and pictures amid PM Modi’s #9Baje9Minute Diya Jalao Campaign. Crackers And Fireworks Heard And Seen Amid '9 PM, 9 Minutes' as People Switch Off Lights And Light Diyas, Candles On PM Narendra Modi's Appeal During Coronavirus Lockdown. 

On April 3, Narendra Modi made a video, addressing to the citizens of the nation, a first one after the 21-days COVID-19 lockdown. Through the video message, he appealed the citizens to switch off the lights and lit earthen lamps, candles, flash or torch at 9 pm on April 5, 2020. Everyone participated on time, and showed their unison as a mark of respect to the warriors of the diseases—medical professionals who are in the frontline of the battle. But some went far ahead, after they were spotted bursting crackers in their neighbourhood, the way they celebrate Diwali, creating noise and air pollution and breaking the social distance protocol. Indians Participate in #9PM9Minute Initiative by PM Modi, View Pics and Videos of #DiyaJalao Campaign; While Some COVIDIOTS Resort to Crackers and Fireworks. 

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This was not the first when a section of Indian society took the PM’s appeal in the wrong way. During the Janata Curfew, after the taali and thali bajao campaign, tweets revealed how people came out in the streets in groups, doing exactly the opposite. The COVID-19 cases in India are unfortunately increasing each day, and the country is under a 21-days lockdown until April 14, 2020.