Crackers And Fireworks Heard And Seen Amid '9 PM, 9 Minutes' as People Switch Off Lights And Light Diyas, Candles On PM Narendra Modi's Appeal During Coronavirus Lockdown
Crackers And Fireworks Heard And Seen Amid PM Modi’s ‘9pm-9min’ call (Photo Credits: Twitter)

Millions of people across the country showed solidarity in the fight against the COVID-19 Pandemic by switching off the lights of their houses. The people lighted their balconies and verandas with candles, lamps and diyas (earthen lamps). However, some people misunderstood PM Narendra Modi's appeal and went on to the streets to firecrackers. Indians Participate in #9PM9Minute Initiative by PM Modi, View Pics and Videos of #DiyaJalao Campaign; While Some COVIDIOTS Resorts to Crackers and Fireworks.

People burst firecrackers, blew horns and shouted and cheered to show their support to PM Modi's initiative. Several netizens shared videos and images of people busting crackers on social media. India's COVID-19 Tally Rises to 3,577 After 505 New Cases Reported in Last 24-Hour, Total Deaths 83.

"Street lights were switched off, people gathered again in crowd, no social distancing followed. Few burning crackers!" a Twitterati said. Another said, "How idiotic! Some people are so enthusiast to fire crackers amidst 9 min darkness. Surely PM has not advised that!"

Fireworks and Crackers Burst During PM Modi's '9 PM, 9 Minute' Appeal:

Covid-19, the disease caused by the novel coronavirus, has 3577 people across the country and left close 83 dead. India is currently under a 21-day lockdown announced by PM Narendra Modi in his address on March 24.