Vidai in Helicopter! Rajasthan Man Arranges Grand Farewell For His Daughter After Marriage, See Pics of Happy Bride
Bride Bids Farewell on Helicopter After Marriage (Photo Credits: ANI)

Jaipur, November 22: A newly-wed bride in Rajasthan was given a grand and heart-warming departure by her father after her marriage! According to a tweet by ANI, the departure of a bride named Reena, was on a helicopter arranged by her father in Ajitpura village. Mahendra Solakh, the bride's father, said that he had planned to give his daughter this surprise a year back. He added saying that he shared the idea with his family when the wedding was two months away. Solakh informed that came up with his unique idea as he wanted to send his daughter to her in-law's house in style.

As this was an unusual sight to witness, a huge crowd including school children had gathered from early morning to see the helicopter. According to reports, the bride and her husband Sandeep Lamba left in the helicopter from Ajitpura village near Chidawa town in Jhunjhunu district. The couple then headed for Sultana, where Sandeep stays with his family.Wedding 2019 Trends: From Bachelorette and Bachelor Party to D-Day, Beverly Hills is One Stop Destination for All.

Here's the tweet:

The bride’s father Mahendra Singh Solakh said that when he decided to get his daughter married a year ago, he had made up his mind that he wanted Reena to leave her home in style, in a helicopter. He shared this wish with his family when the wedding was two months away. According to a report by ANI, Reena, the bride, is studying at Jhunjhunu Morraka College in BA first year. While her husband Sandeep is working as a railway station master in Nashik.