Paragliding is already an extreme sport but it went to another level when a vulture joined along on a ride. In a video shot in the mountains of Southern Spain, two paragliders had a company of vulture joining them by hitching a ride on their selfie stick! Not once, but twice, the huge bird landed on the selfie stick. The video was shared on Reddit and since then it has gone incredibly viral on all social media. Most netizens were shocked with the bird coming so close, but the two paragliders seemed to be all calm and smiling at this unexpected guest. But it turns out it was a trained bird and this is called as parahawking. Paragliding and Chill! Turkish Paraglider Hasan Kaval Soars in Sky on Couch and Watches Tom & Jerry on TV! Crazy Video Goes Viral.

Parahawking is a sport wherein trained birds fly along with the flyers. British instructor Scott Mason has pioneered this activity. And he is the one flying along with a tandem paraglider. A trained vulture approaches them and swoops on the selfie stick, with its wings outstretched. It grips on the rod for a few seconds, flies again and comes back on the rod. The video of the spectacle has been captured on a GoPro camera and the footage has been shared online with a  background music of Fleetwood Mac’s "Dreams" song. Musical Flight! Turkish Musician Playing Drum While Paragliding is One Adventurous Way to Enjoy Music, Viral Video of the Daring Move Is Jaw-Dropping!

Check The Viral Video Here:

Looks incredible, right? The video has been shard across other platforms and is going viral. Talking about parahawking Scott Mason told DailyMail, "My aim was to create awareness, to portray them in a more positive light and educate people about the important role they play in our ecosystem." It is indeed looks cool but it is not an unknown wild bird but a trained one.

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