Mumbai, May 30: The idea of the "Monday blues," or the unfavourable emotions people experience at the start of a work week following a weekend, is one that we are all familiar with. At the start of the workweek, people may experience higher levels of stress and lower levels of job satisfaction.

After been proposed by a TikToker as a means to focus self-care, a new work fad called "Bare Minimum Mondays" is currently taking across offices. Inspiring A new trend: Paradise Locations the New WFH Hubs.

 How Did the Trend Start?

Marketing manager Caitlin Winter, who introduced this to her employees and calls it "one of the best decisions she's ever made" as a boss, is now popularising the concept in Australia, according to

According to Forbes, 'Bare least Mondays' is a practise when employees show up to work on Mondays to perform the absolute least, frequently starting the day late following a fruitful morning of self-care routines. By reducing the typical pressures and expectations that develop following the weekend, the trend encourages a "gentle start" to the workweek.

The Initial 'Quiet Quitting' Trend

The Great Resignation of 2021, in which the number of individuals quitting their employment hit a 20-year high in November 2021, set the stage for the current trend.

Employees' decision to take their time and reevaluate their work last year became a strange yet thought-provoking workplace trend. The now-popular trend was then called 'Quiet Quitting'. The New Trend at Silicon Valley Companies: Mass Layoffs. 

The silent resignation trend approaches the contemporary workplace hoping to make a difference. Employees merely need to perform the absolute minimum to remain on the job and not go above and above to impress managers or earn additional incentives. Simply, it's merely carrying out the duties you get compensated for.


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