For all the Elon Musk fans or shall we say Dogecoin fans, April 20 is not just International Weed Day, 4:20, 4/20 or the Marijuana Holiday, it is also set to be Doge Day in the crypto world. None of us thought that the meme-based cryptocurrency will make it to such heights giving bitcoin a run for the money but here we are with dogecoin getting stronger with each passing day. Since it is associated with the famous doge meme, it also takes over the Twitter world with funny memes and jokes.

But why Is #DogeDay trending on April 20 aka 4:20? 4:20 and Elon Musk have ties stemmed off of social media since long ago, it is even unofficially called "Elon Musk day". So what better day to celebrate the meme-based cryptocurrency, dogecoin on April 20 aka 4/20. Let us discuss further!

What is the Connection Between April 20, 4/20 and Elon Musk?

4:20 funny memes and jokes along with wishes and posts related to weed, Twitter is flooded with Dogecoin enthusiasts coming together to celebrate an unofficial 'Doge Day' today, April 20. But are you wondering why April 20, or 4/20? Well, it is no coincidence. It's also the unofficial holiday celebrating marijuana and the term "420" is holds connection with Elon Musk as much as it does with smoking weed. The day, April 20 or you can say 4/20 is unofficially celebrated as Elon Musk Day, despite his birthday being on June 28.  However, he chose to make a joke about that as well and indicated that the day was exactly 69 days after 4/20.  It all started way back in 2018 when Elon Musk began seeing  Grimes and made a joke referencing weed about Tesla stock floating the idea of taking Tesla private. He said that the stock price was close to $420 and that he plans on taking Tesla private as a joke however, it happened to cost him $20 million. Therefore every 4/20 fans celebrate Elon Musk.

The meme-based cryptocurrency, dogecoin backed by billionaire Elon Musk started out as a meme and it is made people laugh its way to these heights! Musk's fanbase wants to send dogecoin to the moon in honour of 4/20. Well, April 20 has unofficially been dubbed Elon Musk Day and what better way to celebrate than by sending one of his favourite cryptos to the moon?

Elon Musk Fans Want to Send Doge to the Moon as the Meme-Based Cryptocurrency Dogecoin Churns out Funny Memes and Jokes! Check out: 

Doge Day is Here!

The Caricature Tho

Doge Day is Kinda Official


4:20 is Always a Sign

For those who do not know yet, Like all cryptocurrencies, Dogecoin is a digital currency that can be bought and sold like an investment and spent like money. However, unlike Bitcoins, whose maximum possible number is fixed at 21 million—a figure that is estimated to be reached by 2040, Dogecoin numbers do not have an upper limit.


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