Google "Year in Search" list for 2020 has revealed some of the most interesting and unexpected queries around the world, especially during these testing times.  However, it was the top search queries with "Why" that are particularly intriguing in the United States. Amongst the top five "Why" searches remained "Why were chainsaws invented?" Others were: "Why is there a coin shortage?"; "Why was George Floyd arrested?"; "Why is Nevada taking so long?"; and "Why is TikTok getting banned?" Google Year in Search 2020: From 'What is Coronavirus?' to 'What is Binod?' Check Out 5-Most Searched Queries on Google by Indians This Year. 

However, there is a reason for why amongst the other trend-based searches like the ones related to Nevada and TikTok, the chain saw question makes sense. Yes, the answer to the question is the reason why so many people google searched "Why were chainsaws invented?"  Social media saw trends that asked people to capture the before after expression after googling "Why were chainsaws invented?", the answer is quite unexpected because it is definitely not "for cutting trees" but something really bizarre and for some faint-hearted people, well, GORY!

Why were chainsaws invented?

Around 1783-1785, the chain hand saw was invented.  The sharp link chain which cut on the concave side was invented by two doctors invented the chainsaw in 1780 to easy the process of "removal of pelvic bone" and make it less time-consuming during childbirth. After which the chainsaw was also seen being used for other bone cutting operations and amputations in the surgical room.

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People Are Not Having It



Google searches also revealed how hopeful people were and some of the categories that people in the US searched were: "how to help Australia fires;" "how to help Black Lives Matter;" "how to help during coronavirus;" "how to help Yemen;" and "how to help acid reflux".

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