Woman in China Takes Her Goose Out For a Walk in Flooded Streets, Watch The Funny Video
Woman with her goose on walk in China (Photo credits: Video grab)

The internet is full of strange things that catch your fancy. Casually surfing through your social media profiles you come across so many bizarre and funny things. And then there are moments when you just come across something and think, 'That's enough internet for the day!' Now a video from China has been going viral which shows a woman is taking out her goose for a walk. While that may look normal on any sunny day, this woman is out on the streets in the flooded water. Parts of China are experiencing heavy rainfall and floodlike situations due to Typhoon Ampil which hit on July 24.

The amusing video is from China's Tianjin City, which was flooded due to the weather and the woman has a leashed goose to accompany her on the streets. It is a small video clip but it will still make you smile at the absurdity of it. Moreover, the goose is wearing a blue jacket and moves around like its natural habitat.

Take a look at the video of the woman talking her goose for a walk in flooded water:

This small video clip is actually going viral on Chinese social media platforms. When shared on Facebook, it has got over 1.5 lakh views and 1000 plus shares in a day. According to a report, the woman was scared that the goose would not return if she let it go. Well, convincing enough! Given that a lot of parts in Northeastern China are under severe flooding, this video brings a smile to our faces. The Typhoon Ampil has forced relocations of over thousands in the country.