Christmas 2020 is just about a month away and the preparations have begun. People are already looking forward to the Christmas and New Year's Eve, but a Belgian province started on a not so right note. In the Oudenburg municipality in the Belgian province of West Flanders, the Christmas decorations turned out to be very X-rated as the lights looked like lit up penises! The mayor agreed that it was unintentional but also asked people to take it in humorous stride. Pictures of this unusual Christmas decorations went viral on social media. Russian 'Teacher Of The Year' Award Saw Women Rub on Glass Penis Because of the Strange Phallic-Shaped Trophies! (Watch Viral Video).

These lights "using the colours of the city" were installed for Christmas festivities. They looked fine in the day but once they were lit up in the evening, the phallic shape could not go unnoticed. Over 90 lights have been installed all over the province. The department wanted to them to look like candles, but instead of a flame at the top, they put up a blue ball. When the power was switched on, they ended up looking like penises and the blue tip resembling male genitalia. It did not take time for the pictures to surface online. Penis-Shaped Slippers to Protect You From Winter! From Cushions to Earrings, Other Bizarre Phallic Shaped Products For Lover of D*cks.

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After the goof-up the Mayor Anthony Dumarey cleared out that it was unintentional. "Of course, it was not our intention to install Christmas lights that remind people of a penis. But we do see the lighter side of the incident," Dumarey was quoted by DailyMail. He added that he too realised it only when the lights were illuminated and added, "We have to see the humour in this." He also said that especially in these dark and difficult times.

These lights were designed by the technical department and were a part of the long-term plan. Although they do look X-rated, the Mayor has cleared that there is no reason to remove them. "Let's just say that we will have the country's most talked-about Christmas lights this year," he says. Well, that's sure true.

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