Twitter is abuzz with something weirdly horrifying. Taking the social media by spin, a footage "zombie snail" is doing rounds on Twitter and freaking people out. In the video, the poor snail can be seen pulsating red and green very similar to a caterpillar and people cannot believe their eyes. The video has gone viral across the internet and has terrified a huge number of people. In reality, the snail is going through nothing but a parasitic invasion. In this poor snail's case, a parasitic worm Leucochloridium has taken over its motor functions and its eyestalks. Do you remember Zombie Chicken? Viral Video of a Raw Piece of Poultry Meat ‘Escaping’ Out of a Plate Will Freak the BEJESUS Out of You (Watch Now.)

The invasion is turning them into caterpillar mimics so that birds will eat them. The worm can then reproduce in the bird's GI tract, eventually transmitting via its faeces. The parasite takes over the normal behaviour of the snail and also stops it from hiding in dark spaces. The snail can be seen slithering out into the open and since we are living in a world where something like this becomes viral in no time, this video is being watched and rewatched again and again.  On a serious note, a few months back we saw 'Zombie’ Raccoons Are Terrorising Ohio Residents, Authorities Suspect They Are Suffering From Distemper.

Take a look at the "zombie snail":

Here are some of the reactions the video has received:

All of us right now!

Serious question, tho

Can't believe


"It's a natural parasite just doing it's job. Though unappealing to us, they are important to the ecosystem", read one of the comments of people who kept their cool after watching the video.

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