Rahul Dravid And Sourav Ganguly Taking us Back to Their Cricket And Friendship in This Nostalgic ICC Video is Pure Gold
Rahul Dravid and Sourav Ganguly (File Image)

Rahul Dravid and Sourav Ganguly - two of the greats of the cricket of the 90s and early 2000s - have been brought together by the International Cricket Council (ICC) in a video and we can't thank them enough. The video posted on the ICC Twitter handle this morning takes you back on the journey of the two greats, their first meeting, their partnerships and much more.

The 5-minute emotional video features Rahul and Sourav fondly talking about their tournaments, their moments over the past three decades and their friendship today. As a fan who has been hooked to cricket watching these two play growing up all these years, I have to admit, I had a drop of tear in my eyes that made me realise how much I miss watching them meet.

Watch the video shared by ICC

Rahul and Sourav are seen talking about how Sourav had an uncle in London, and he would go to his house and get good Indian food. Sourav talks about how Rahul Dravid always gave it his all in all he did. The two talk about the match with which they made their Test debuts in 1996, against England. While Sourav scored 131 in that match, Rahul scored a 95. Rahul jokes about how "Sourav is a busy man now and doesn't have much time for him".

The video takes me back to the childhood days when I and my sister would be glued to the TV set to see who of the two scores more (We had fights and bets as each one of us had our one favourite and we still hold on to that). It takes me back to the days when we had posters of Rahul and Sourav in our rooms (Yes, that's a confession of a fangirl). With all the nostalgia, the video is pure gold, indeed. We wish we could see them play together again!