IND beat AUS by 6 wickets | Australia vs India Live Cricket Score 2nd ODI Match

India in Australia, 3 ODI Series, 2019

Date: Jan 15, 2019 Start Time: 08:50 IST | 03:20 GMT | 13:50 Local
Venue: Adelaide Oval, Adelaide
298/9 Overs: 50.0
299/4 Overs: 49.2
India beat Australia by 6 wickets

Australia vs India Live Cricket Score - 2nd ODI Match - Summary

End of Over : 49.2 IND: 299/4

Sydney went to the Aussies, Adelaide goes to the Indians. We are all square at 1-1 and there is all to play for in the final game at the MCG. That one will begin at 1320 local (0220 GMT) on the 18th January, Friday. Take care and see you for that one. Cheers!

49.2 1

INDIA WIN BY 6 WICKETS! Quietly does the job with a run. Nothing fancy. Full and around off, Dhoni plays it with soft hands towards wide mid on for a quick single as the fielder misses his shy at the bowler's end. No pressure. Nothing. Job done. Dhoni shows no emotions. All is well. India have levelled the series 1-1!

49.1 6

SIX! Vintage Dhoni! A touch short in length around off, Dhoni unleashes all his power behind it and muscles it handsomely over long on for a maximum. The crowd has gone bonkers. 69th ODI fifty for MS Dhoni. It also reminds us of an ODI in 2012 in Adelaide when MS Dhoni hit a biggie off McKay on the third ball of the last over and won India the game from there. Scores are levelled here!

End of Over : 49 9 Runs IND: 292/4
48.6 1

In the air... but lands safely in front of the long on fielder. A length ball, Dhoni goes for the big one, doesn't connect too well and is lucky as it lands before the fielder. Single taken. 9 off this over. Stoinis finishes with 1/46 off his 9 overs. India just need 7 off the last one.

48.5 3

Brilliant running from Dhoni there! It is not easy out there in the middle and MS has run back for the third one, seeing the opportunity. A length ball on middle, Karthik moves across and laps it fine towards deep fine leg. Behrendorff comes around from square leg and dives, saving a run for his team.

48.4 1

Another length delivery on top of middle stump, Dhoni rocks back and drops it on the off side before setting off. Completes the single easily.

48.3 1

A good length ball on middle, driven down the ground to long on for a single.

48.2 2

A fuller length ball outside off, Karthik drives this wide of deep cover and comes back for another easy two.

48.1 1

A short ball outside off, Dhoni punches it back towards mid off and takes a single.

End of Over : 48 9 Runs IND: 283/4
47.6 2

Fuller length ball on middle and leg, Karthik walks down and across before flicking it towards deep mid-wicket. The batsmen run the first one hard and Maxwell out there, misfields and allows for the second one to be completed easily. 9 runs off this over. India now need 16 off the last two.

47.5 3

Amazing running that! A slower length delivery on the pads, Dhoni works it very fine. Fine leg is in the circle and he gives chase. The batsmen pick up three in the end.

47.4 1

Another slower one outside off to DK, looks like a plan. Karthik drives this to deep cover for a single.

47.3 1

Another single to deep mid-wicket as Dhoni punches this one off the back foot. The Australians won't mind this.

47.2 1

Slower full toss outside off, Karthik pulls it but does not get good timing on it. Missed out there one would feel. A single down to wide long on.