129/10 (19.0 ov)BAN
WI 130/2 (10.5 ov)
CRR: 12 | West Indies beat Bangladesh by 8 wickets

WI beat BAN by 8 wickets | Bangladesh vs West Indies, Highlights And Cricket Score 1st T20I Match

West Indies in Bangladesh, 3 T20 International Series, 2018

Date: Dec 17, 2018 Start Time: 12:00 IST | 06:30 GMT | 12:30 Local
Venue: Sylhet International Cricket Stadium, Sylhet

Bangladesh vs West Indies Highlights And Cricket Score 1st Match - T20I Summary

End of Over : 10.5 WI: 130/2

A thumping performance from the Windies here. They now have a chance to seal the series in the 2nd T20I. Bangladesh on the other hand, will look to bounce back and level the series in the 2nd T20I on 20th December in Dhaka. That match will start at 1700 local time (11:00AM GMT) on 20th December at the Sher-e-Bangla National Cricket Stadium, Dhaka. Join us for that one till then have a good time.

Windies skipper, Carlos Brathwaite, says it is a very good win but it is just the first game and there are still 2 more games to go. States the batting and bowling clicked today and everything they did today, went their way. Ends by saying they can't rest on their laurels and they have to once again bring their best game in the second T20I.

Man of the Match, Sheldon Cottrell, says the bowlers need to be smart on such wickets and they executed their plans well today. Ends by saying he is a soldier and hence, he celebrates the way he does.

Bangladesh skipper, Shakib Al Hasan, says everything went wrong today. Further adds they did not bat well and did not bowl well also. Mentions they did not perform well as a team and hence, lost the match. Ends by saying nothing worked out today other than the toss and were comprehensively beaten.

Windies have completely dominated the first T20I. Their bowlers set it up for the batsman by restricting Bangladesh to 129. Sheldon Cottrell was the star as he finished with a 4-fer. In reply, Evin Lewis and Shai Hope came out all guns blazing especially Shai Hope. He scored the fastest T20I fifty by a Windies player. His innings completely took the game away from the home side. Windies wrapped up this chase in just 10.5 overs with 8 wickets in hand to take the lead in this 3 match T20I series.

10.5 1

Shakib Al Hasan to Keemo Paul. LEG BYE! It was bowled quicker on his pads, Paul tries to flick and it hits him on the pads and the ball goes towards the fine leg region. The batsmen managed to take a single in the process. AND WINDIES WIN BY 8 WICKETS.

10.4 4

Shakib Al Hasan to Keemo Paul. FOUR! Tosses it up on middle, Keemo dances down the track and whips it towards deep mid-wicket and the ball races away to the fence. Scores all level. Just 1 required for Windies to win the game.

10.3 6

Shakib Al Hasan to Keemo Paul. SIX! Two in two for Paul. It was dragged short and Keemo rocks back and pulls it over deep-mid wicket for a huge six. Spinners have been taken apart from the Windies batsmen today.

10.2 6

Shakib Al Hasan to Keemo Paul. SIX! Keemo looks in a hurry to finish the game of. Slower through the air on middle, the batsman charges down the track and hits it handsomely over long on for a maximum.

10.1 0

Shakib Al Hasan to Keemo Paul. Flighted delivery on middle, Keemo pushes it to the point region.

End of Over : 10 9 Runs 10.5: 113/2
9.6 1

Mahmudullah to Keemo Paul. The batsman has played it to the point region. One run added to the total.

9.5 6

Mahmudullah to Keemo Paul. SIX! WHACKED! Tosses it up on middle, Paul gets to the pitch of the ball and goes uppishly over long on for a huge six.

9.4 0

Mahmudullah to Keemo Paul. On middle, Paul late cuts it but straight to the short third man fielder.

9.3 0

Mahmudullah to Keemo Paul. A tad quicker on middle, Paul defends it with a straight bat.

9.2 1

Mahmudullah to Nicholas Pooran. Fuller delivery on middle, Pooran taps it towards point for a run.

9.1 1

Mahmudullah to Keemo Paul. Quicker on off, Paul cuts it towards backward point for a single.

End of Over : 9 5 Runs 10.5: 104/2
8.6 1

Shakib Al Hasan to Keemo Paul. Flatter around off, the batsman goes back and punches it through covers. A run taken.

8.5 1

Shakib Al Hasan to Nicholas Pooran. Dances down the track and strokes it to long off for a run.

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West Indies in Bangladesh 3 T20 International Series 2018 - News

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