BAN beat ZIM by 218 runs | Bangladesh vs Zimbabwe Live Cricket Score 2nd Test Match

Zimbabwe in Bangladesh, 2 Test Series, 2018

Date: Nov 11, 2018 Start Time: 09:30 IST | 04:00 GMT | 10:00 Local
Venue: Shere Bangla National Stadium, Mirpur
1st Inn - 522/7(160.0) 2nd Inn - 224/6(54.0)
1st Inn - 304/9(105.3) 2nd Inn - 224/9(83.1)
Bangladesh beat Zimbabwe by 218 runs

Bangladesh vs Zimbabwe Live Cricket Score - 2nd Test Match - Summary

End of Over : 83.1 ZIM: 224/9

Right, then! So that's it from us. This brings an end to Zimbabwe's tour to this part of the subcontinent. The Chevrons might not have won the series, but it's one they will remember for a while. The draw was important to Bangladesh as well, as it doesn't taint their distinguished record at home in recent times. We bid you farewell. In the meantime, you can switch tabs and catch all the action from the ongoing second Test between Sri Lanka and England. Cheers!

83.1 W

OUT! That's it. BANGLADESH WIN BY 218 RUNS! This is their second-largest victory in Tests in terms of runs. Mehidy Hasan wraps things up with his 5th Test 5-fer. He nicely tosses it up around off, it turns in and Jarvis gets low to play the big slog sweep. He ends up mistiming the lofted shot towards mid on. Ahmed backpedals and takes a safe catch.

End of Over : 83 11 Runs ZIM: 224/8
82.6 4

FOUR! Right in the slot and that nearly goes all the way! Full ball on the stumps, Taylor throws his front leg out of the way and bangs it over mid on.

82.5 1

Fraction straight in line, tucked behind square on the leg side for one.

82.5 5

FIVE WIDES! Banged in short but it's too short, goes over Jarvis and a leaping Rahim as well. Races away to the boundary line behind.

82.4 0

Another one outside off, Jarvis plays and misses again.

82.3 0

Landed on off and it moves away ever so slightly, Jarvis is beaten all ends up as he looks to push inside the line.

82.2 0

Bumper from Ahmed, ducked and evaded by the batsman.

82.1 1

Fullish in length, tailing back in on middle and leg, Taylor moves inside the line and works it through mid-wicket for one.

End of Over : 82 1 Runs ZIM: 213/8
81.6 0

Full and quicker this time, Jarvis comes ahead and blocks it.

81.5 0

Full and flighted on off again, Jarvis drives towards the mid on region.

81.4 0

Looped up outside off well wide. Jarvis goes for a wild swipe and misses it completely.

81.3 0

Full and tossed up on off, driven to mid on. No run.

81.2 W

OUT! Caught by Taijul at square leg ! Tossed up on middle, Mavuta can't resist and goes for a slog. It hits the top edge and goes a mile in the air. Taijul has enough time to come under and position himself well before taking an easy catch. No intention to block at all.

81.1 1

Full and tossed up on leg stump, driven down to long on for a single.


Bangladesh would be looking to take revenge from Zimbabwe after experiencing a brutal defeat in the first Test match. Things changed quickly for Zimbabwe as and when the format changed. After winning the first Test match by 151 runs, Zimbabwe would be looking to win the second match comprehensively too.


The Bangladeshi team looked out of sorts in the first match, and the team members would need to showcase grit and patience if they have to pull strings back in their favour.


As for Zimbabwe, the team would be looking to carry their form in the match and ensure there are no slip-ups in the match. A win would be a huge confidence boost for the minnows.


Come Sunday, the contest will be an exciting watch for the fans. It will be interesting to see if Bangladesh wins the match and levels the series or will Zimbabwe register a series victory! The match will begin from November 11, and the start time of the match is 9.30 AM (IST).