Nicholas Latifi has hired a bodyguard for his UK trip during his off-season for the fear that Lewis Hamilton fans might attack him after the Abu Dhabi rand Prix at the Yas Marina. Not only did Nicholas Latifi's crash indirectly impact the results of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix but also the result led to the change in Formula 1 2021 title winner.  Instead of Lewis Hamilton, it was Max Verstappen who walked away with the Formula 1 2021 title. Needless to say, the Williams Racer feared for his life after he received several death threats after indirectly impacting the outcome of the Formula 1 Championship. 50,000 Lewis Hamilton Fans Sign a Petition Asking FIA To Overturn Results of Abu Dhabi Grand Prix 2021. 

Latifi believed all it takes for someone is one bay day to attack. “All it needs is one drunk fan at an airport, or you bump into someone who is having a bad day and is intoxicated and has really extreme opinions," he said during the interview. Latifi revealed that he had a bodyguard with him in London. "It takes just that one-in-a-million person. When I was back in London, I had security with me at Winter Wonderland," he further explained.

Post Formula 1 2021, it was said that Lewis Hamilton could retire from the sport. But that has surely not happened and as the Mercedes racer has announced his arrival in style.

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