WWE RAW Results Mar 11, 2019: Monday Night Winners, Highlights, Full Analysis and Commentary
WWE Raw Mar 11, 2019 Results and Highlights (Photo Credits: Twitter)

Just after the night of Fastlane, where The Shield stole the show and Ronda Rousey attacked Becky Lynch, this episode of Monday Night Raw was expected to be exciting. This was one of the exciting and historical shows of Raw. Where a superstar played his last match, the championship belt got changed, and the most epic match for WrestleMania got announced. WWE RAW Results Mar 4, 2019: Monday Night Winners, Highlights, Full Analysis and Commentary.

The show kicked off with The Shield where Roman Reigns acknowledged the support of his mates Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins. The Big Dog also added that even if it were the last the trio came together at Fastlane, he would not regret that. Reigns then wished good luck to Seth Rollins for his match at WrestleMania with Brock Lesnar for WWE Universal Championship.

The freaking Rollins was then interrupted by Paul Heyman, who tried to play mind games for his client Lesnar. Shelton Benjamin then attacked Seth from behind. This then led to an official match between Seth Rollins and Shelton Benjamin, which ended up by the victory of Rollins. Click on the video below for highlights of the show.

Highlights of WWE Raw March 11, 2019:

Kurt Angle played his last match at Raw in his hometown Pittsburgh. The Olympic Gold medalist defeated Apollo Crews and announced that he would retire from WWE after his match at WrestleMania. However, his opponent at the mega event is still a mystery.

Bobby Lashley with the slight help from his partner Lio Rush defeated Finn Balor and became the New Intercontinental Champion. The Irish man was distracted by Lio outside the ring, which gave time for recovery to Lashley. A spear then hit Balor on the middle of the ring, which leads to Bobby Lashley pinning him to three.

The Baddest Woman continues her negative role by assaulting Dana Brooke and referees. Ronda Rousey was speaking out venom for Becky Lynch, when Brooke confronted her, the current Raw Women's champion lost her temper and starting beating down Dana.

Drew Mckintyre seems to be proving a point in WWE, as he interfered in the match between Reigns and Corbin, attacked The Big Dog brutally, which led Roman Reigns to go for treatment by medical staff of WWE. The Shield might no longer exist, but their brotherhood is still active. Seth Rollins came out in the rescue of Reigns. Dean Ambrose was such anguish by this act that he demanded a falls count anywhere match against Drew. His request was accepted by Triple H, which then lead to a match between Ambrose and Mckintyre. However, Mckintyre gave lunatic fringe on the LED Board to Dean and then ripped him through the staircase. This leads to an easy pinfall by Drew on Ambrose, thereby leading to Drew Mckintyre victory.

Lastly, Batista and Triple H came face to face on Raw, where he demanded a match for him or else he will continue assaulting the loved ones of The Game. Batista got the match at WrestleMania 35, where he will compete against Triple H in a no holds barred match. The Animal also added that he would prove a point to wrestling universe before retiring from WWE, as this match at WrestleMania will be the last match of his wrestling career.