Facebook, the social media giant has planned to introduce an in-app prompt that will educate users about the handling of their data as it plans to take on Apple's iOS 14 privacy policy. Apple's new policy will require users' consent to track their behaviour and make targeted ads tougher. Facebook will showcase users with a screen that includes information about its personalised advertisements and will ask users for permission to use their collected data from third-party apps and websites. Facebook Oculus Quest 2 VR Headset to Be Released by SK Telecom in South Korea Soon.

Apple's new privacy policy is expected to be released in the upcoming months. Under its privacy policy, several apps will ask iOS users if they want their data to be tracked for personalised ads. On the other hand, Facebook said that people deserve the additional context and users who agree to the prompt message would not result in collecting new types of data and who decline it would still see ads.

The social media giant that relies on users' data for the advertisement business revealed that the new rule will affect small businesses. As per the reports, in December 2020, FTC (Federal Trade Commission) and a group of 46 states filed a lawsuit against Facebook accusing of buying and freezing out small startups to compress competition.

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