Getting Bored in This Coronavirus Lockdown? Here Are Four Apps That You Don't Wanna Miss & Will Keep You Entertained in This Quarantine Life
Houseparty & Zoom ( Photo Credits: Play Store)

As we all know that Coronavirus has spread globally and caused over 30,000 deaths, major countries have declared lockdown. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on last Tuesday declared a 21-day lockdown of the country to minimize the spread of the virus. Thanks to social media apps such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & WhatsApp with the help of which few people are getting entertained. The question is how much can a person watch content on social media & there comes a time when a person gets bored and look for new things. Well guess what? we hereby bring you Four apps that will connect you with your close ones and keep you entertained. WhatsApp Video Status Limit Reduced From 30 Seconds To 15 Seconds in India To Cut Strain on Internet During Coronavirus Lockdown.

Houseparty App: The app is a face-to-face social network where you can connect with the people you care about. The app provides alerts when your friends join in the house so that you can jump right into it & have conversation with them. Facemail feature within the app helps you to record whats happening in the group which you can then send to other friends. The app comes with integrated games such as Trivia, Quick Draw, Chips & Guac & Heads Up

Headspace: As the name says, it helps you clear your mind in this choas of coronavirus pandemic. Anyone who overthink & get into an anxious state then this app is for you. The app teaches you how to breathe, meditate, live mindfully, manage anxiety, stress life, stay calm & more. The sleep meditation feature will give peace to your soul & guide you to a place of rest. There is also a basic course that will teach you the essentials of meditation and mindfulness. The app really helps to free your mind amid the haunting situation going on in the country. News of Coronavirus Vaccine Developed By American Scientists is Fake, Here is the Fact Check of Viral WhatsApp Message

Zoom: Basically designed for hosting webinars, video conference, teaching online courses, online training, video demonstrations & virtual meetings, the app is really helpful for small businesses, educational institutionals & enterprises. The app really focuses on improving collaboration among teams, employees & can cater up to 100 interactive participants.As social distancing is really important to eradicate the COVID-19, this app comes into play. People who have important personal meetings, presentations, any course training can use the app as it has a dual screen & HD video, voice system. In addition to this, users can record their virtual meetings im MP4 & M4A Video Formats which is possible through web & mobile devices.

Instagram Co-watching: Recently rolled out by Instagram, the new feature lookalike Facebook Watch permits you to video call your friends to watch posts together. The app lets you video call your friends through direct messaging tab & look at viral or recommended content/posts together which is not available in Facebook Watch.