Love Sending Good Morning WhatsApp Messages? Google Blames India’s Crazy Online Habit for Eating up Smartphone Space
Millions of Indians Regularly Send Good Morning Messages (Photo Credits: WhatsApp)

The day’s first rays of the sun may not have touched upon you, but your phone’s inbox is full of sunshine images with good morning messages written on it. Why? Because, us desis, we believe in getting our basic manners in place – even if it means sending ritual ‘Good Morning’ greetings to our near and dear ones. However, our simple act of exchanging good morning quotes and wishes on messaging apps such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger is a serious cause for concern. According to a media report, search engine giant, Google pointed flooding of these colourful messages to slow down one in three smartphone users in India compared to one in ten in the US. WhatsApp Was Down on New Year Eve 2018: Messaging App Claims 20 Billion Messages Exchanged From India.

Our elders instilled good manners like saying Good Morning to start the day on a happy and positive note. And when those millions, mostly first-time users got online, continued the similar trend of greetings and salutations in the cyberspace. However, India’s obsession with sending good morning messages coupled with beautiful flowers, dreamy sunrays or adorable baby pictures is finally termed problematic. It is leaving smartphone users run out of space on their phones daily, reports The Wall Street Journal.

According to the report, a survey by data-storage firm Western Digital Corp found that one in three smartphone users in India run out of space daily compared with one in 10 in the US.

In fact, Facebook, in order to combat Indian users’ crazy daily habit, added a status message in 2017 to its WhatsApp messaging service. This feature allowed its users to wish good morning to all their contacts at once. The social media and networking company have 200 million monthly active users in India, making the country its biggest market and it only makes sense for the company to keep up with the innovation.

Another astonishing fact that was pointed out in the report is a 10-fold increase in the number of Google searches for "Good Morning images" witnessed over the past five years. Yes, those new images of sunflowers, roses and carnations or smiling toddlers or puppies that you keep receiving are hurting the online space. The availability of cheap smartphones and easy internet access have only added to the woes. For the longest we have joked over family WhatsApp groups eating up our phone’s storage, thanks to the aforementioned report, it is said out loud.