WhatsApp Was Down on New Year Eve 2018: Messaging App Claims 20 Billion Messages Exchanged From India

Messaging application WhatsApp has in a way revolutionized the way of communication today. With the ability to send files, photos, videos just over an internet connection, WhatsApp has proved to be such a convenient application. And every person who owns a smartphone will have WhatsApp installed. India is, in fact, the biggest market with about 200 million users of the application. This New Years’ Eve, about 75 billion messages were shared, out of which 20 billion were just from India. WhatsApp was off for about an hour on late 31st December night and early hours of 1st January 2018.  However, that did not deter people from sending the New Year wishes.

WhatsApp has issued a statement in which they revealed that 75 billion messages sent worldwide included more than 13 billion images and 5 billion videos. They recorded the data of only 12 am to 11.59 pm on December 31. WhatsApp was down in India at the exact stroke of midnight of January 1, disappointing several users. But well, the messages had been exchanged to wish the loved ones within or across the borders.

WhatsApp over time has introduced several features to make the application more user-friendly. The latest feature which was welcomed by everyone was to delete the sent messages. Another new feature was the sharing live location and putting up statuses. So, all these minute changes kept the users nicely engaged and active.

On any occasion or a festival, we send our wishes across to family and friends over WhatsApp. It has almost become a habit and it is much quicker also with the broadcast option. On one tap you can send the message to so many people together. So, it is not surprising, so many messages were exchanged over the night.