San Francisco, June 25: Mark Zuckerberg's Meta announced that it would mark the AI-generated images as separate from original images on its popular platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Threads in February 2024. The company said it was working with industry partners on common technical standards to identify the video and images generated through artificial intelligence. According to a report, the Facebook-parent Meta labelled real images as "Made by AI". 

According to reports, users said that Meta had been labelling real photos taken by photographs as "Made by AI." The reports mentioned that Meta had been doing this for the past few months and was only visible while using the photos on mobile, not on the web version. TechCrunch reported that Meta had been tagging photographers' real photos as made using artificial intelligence. Apple Meta Partnership Did Not Reach Its Final Stage To Integrate AI to iPhone and Other Devices Due to Privacy Concerns: Report. 

Meta Marked Photo of Kolkata Knight Riders as 'Made with AI' 


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On February 6, 2024, in its official blog, Meta said that in the coming months, it would label images that users would post on Instagram, Facebook and Threads if it detected them as AI-generated. The Mark Zuckerberg's company further said that it labelled photorealistic images created using Meta AI since its launch as "Imagined with AI'. On the other hand, TechCrunch mentioned that an Instagram user "kkriders" posted a photo of team of Kolkata Knight Riders as "Made with AI".

Similarly, other photographers reportedly raised concerns over facing the same problem when Meta marked their photos as AI-generated. One such individual is Pete Souza, who posted a NBA game photo, also reportedly marked as "Made with AI". TechCrunch said that Meta spoke about this issue after paying attention to the report. Julian Assange To Be Back on X? Here's What Elon Musk Replied to User's Question on Reactivation of Wikileaks Founder's Account.

The report mentioned that Meta spokesperson told that the company intended to help the people see if the content was made with AI technology. He said Meta would evaluate its approach to show the amount of AI used in any photo. 

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