He has been around observing the workings of the DeFi world since long, and now imparts his knowledge via social media. The enchanting introductions of Web 3 have amazed all, especially the digital asset and blockchain space, which have taken over unbelievably. They were not the preferred choice of many investors when they initially debuted, but are today selling like hot cakes.

Blackbeard, better known as BlackbeardXBT who has seen the space with close quarters says that the ever growing world of cryptocurrencies and NFTs has seen an unbelievable rise, and they have taken charge of the digital finance space big time leaving traditional investment methods lagging behind. A number of traders and investors have started investing into the digital asset markets owing to the constant introduction of interesting projects that have hit the space big time.

Although the digital asset industry looks attractive, it is volatile too, same as other markets and one has to be cautious before delving into its deep ocean. A few individuals like BlackbeardXBT has though been able to master the space well and know it's minutest workings, which makes it easy for them to zero down the right digital assets which bear good future potential. His informative and engaging social media posts have found a massive following as they guide many novices to tread the path of trading and investing wisely.

He informs that though investing in the digital asset space is highly lucrative, it carries its own amount of risks which need to be checked before investing. He tries to spread the right knowledge based on his findings on his Twitter @BlackbeardXBT, where his acute technical analysis helps his followers to choose the right projects which can give positive future returns. Those who follow him diligently have experienced good results, the reason his popularity is on a rise amongst netizens who vouch for his accurate findings which give positive results a majority of times.