Pornhub, Reddit, Tumblr And 50 More Websites Are on 'Red Alert' Supporting Net Neutrality Vote in Congress
Red alert for net neutrality (Photo Credits: Tumblr Twitter)

A number of popular websites are showing a pop-up screaming 'Red Alert for Net Neutrality'. Reddit, Tumblr, Pornhub, OKCupid and are among 50 sites demanding a call to action to save net neutrality. The Red Alert comes ahead of a Congress' push to overturn the Federal Communication Commission's repeal of net neutrality (FCC), announced in November 2017. Sen. Ed Markey (D-MA) and others are trying to restore net neutrality rules which were repealed last year.

A group of senators led by Markey are petitioning for a vote on last year's net neutrality repeal. They are using the Congressional Review Act (CRA) in which Congress reverse federal regulations when there is a majority vote. Under the CRA, any 30 senators can force a vote to be scheduled, rather than waiting for a committee decision.

Hence, the Red Alert campaign has started today to push the need for net neutrality before its time. The campaign demands regulations on net neutrality to be rolled back so that everyone has equal access to the internet thus preventing service providers from discriminating against users.

The Red Alert for net neutrality project is organized by activist groups Demand Progress, Free Press Action Fund, and Fight for the Future. The alert which featured on websites which are participating in the campaign. The message of the bottom of its homepage automatically expands with messages encouraging users to urge their lawmakers to vote yes on the CRA.

Until the Senate votes, the 'Red Alert' widget will remain on all the sites who are in support of participant sites. Debates on net neutrality began after the FCC voted to end the 2015 Open Internet Order. Last year, the same protest was supported by giants like Google, Facebook, and Amazon.