A historic mission is nearing the Martian surface, NASA’s Perseverance Rover, which is slated to land on February 18, 11:30 am PST. After travelling the interplanetary distance of a whopping 480 million kilometres, the long voyage for NASA’s Mars 2021 mission is finally set to reach its destination. With it, space enthusiasts around the world are thrilled. But will you be able to watch the landing? The answer is a big YES! NASA will live stream the Perseverance Rover landing online, and people will be able to watch the event from home. How and where to watch? In this article, we bring you all the details about the US space agency’s latest mission to reach Mars and reveal past microbial life clues.

NASA Perseverance Rover Landing On Mars Date and Time:

NASA’s Mars 2020 Perseverance mission will finally land in the next few hours. This is the agency’s fifth rover on the Red Planet and is considered significant as the mission is aimed to study past life on Mars. According to NASA, the spacecraft is on target to touch down in Jezero Crater at around 3:55 pm EST on February 18 (2:25 am IST, February 19). NASA’s Curiosity Rover Discovers Evidence of Ancient ‘Megaflood’ on Mars’ Gale Crater, Hinting Possibility That Life May Have Existed on the Red Planet. 

Here's NASA's Tweet:

How and Where to Watch NASA’s Perseverance Rover Landing On Mars?

NASA will host the entire event live for space enthusiasts around the world to watch the event. The live landing broadcast begins on February 18, at 2:15 pm EST (12:45 am IST, February 19). You will be able to watch the entire event directly on NASA’s YouTube channel. For Spanish speakers, they will have another broadcast available on NASA Spanish channel—NASA’s first Spanish-language landing show. You can also ask questions on social media feeds, using hashtag #CountdowntoMars.

Watch NASA Perseverance Rover Landing on Mars Live Streaming:

Perseverance Rover is regarded as the most ambitious Mars rover mission of NASA. But before its historic landing, the spacecraft will reportedly have to face nerve-wracking ‘7 minutes of terror.’ Landing on Mars is challenging, and so far, only 40% of all missions have succeeded in achieving this feat. Once safely placed on the ground, the rover begins its mission. The rover is specifically designed to seek signs of past microbial life.

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