YouTube Removes 58 Million Videos & 224 Million Comments During Third Quarter, 2018 Based on Policy Violations
YouTube (Photo Credits: ANI)

YouTube, a popular video streaming service from Alphabet Inc. removed 58 million videos and 224 million comments in the third quarter of 2018 for demonstrating progress in suppressing problem content. Google's unit took down these comments and videos, due to violations of its policies. Moreover, government officials as well as interest groups across US, Europe & Asia are pressuring YouTube, Facebook as well as other social media platforms to identify and remove hateful and extremist contents on their platforms. YouTube Rewind 2018: Recap Video of Entire Year May Become The Most Disliked Video Ever?

Meanwhile, The European Union (EU) has also proposed that the online services should be facing steep fines unless they remove such objectionable content within one hour of government's order. Moreover, an official at India's Ministry of Home Affairs said that the firms have agreed on the part for removing objectionable content within 36 hours on organisation's request.

YouTube started issuing quarterly reports this year regarding its enforcement efforts and automated detection tools has helped the company identify spams, nudity as well as extremist content. According to YouTube, they had removed around 10,400 videos for extremism violence or 279,600 videos for child safety issues during September.

The third-quarter data from YouTube revealed the number of accounts that Google took down for either violating the policies in 90 days or committing egregious violations. The company has also removed about 1.67 million channels and about 50.2 million videos. Moreover, YouTube also mentioned that nearly 80 percent of the channel take downs were related to spam uploads. Around 13 percent was related to nudity while 4.5 percent was related to child safety. YouTube removed about 7.8 million videos individually for policy violations in the previous quarter.