Australia's New $50 Note Has a Spelling Mistake! 'Responsibility' Spelt Wrong on 46 Million Currency Notes
Australia $50 currency note has a spelling mistake (Photo Credits: Instagram)

Australia's newest $50 note has a major blunder of a typo. While the error is not easily noticeable since it is in a very small print, it is still an embarrassing mistake. The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) confirmed that about 46 million of the new notes have already been distributed and in use currently. The word responsibility has been spelt as 'responsibilty' on the new yellow notes. An Instagram post highlighted the error which shows the note under a magnifying glass. What's surprising is the error was spotted almost 6 months after the notes came into usage. New Rs 20 Note Funny Memes: From Aam Panna to Haldiram, Twitterati Get Innovative in Their Reactions to RBI's Latest Introduction!

These notes were printed last year and rolled out in October 2018. They have a sketch of Edith Cowan, the first female member of an Australian parliament. It also features Indigenous writer and inventor David Unaipon on the other side. The note has micro texts with excerpts of Unaipon’s book, Legendary Tales of the Australian Aborigines, and Cowan’s first speech to parliament in 1921. The error is made in her text of the speech.

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A line from Cowan's speech says, "It is a great responsibilty [sic] to be the only woman here, and I want to emphasise the necessity which exists for other women being here." It is misspelt on the note three times, each time it is printed. An RBA spokesperson confirmed they were aware of the error and the spelling would be corrected in the next printing lot which will be after a few months. The new notes will be circulated by the end of 2019.