Imran Khan Leading in Latest Election Trends! Watch Video of Pakistan PM Candidate's Winning Moment from 1992 World Cup and His Speech as Captain
Imran Khan. then and now. Will he win the top post now? Election Trends Show a Positive Picture for the World Cup Winning Captain | (Photo Credits: Twitter Creatives)

Islamabad, July 25: Pakistan voted for a new Parliament on Wednesday, July 25. And as the counting of votes begin, it is getting clear that Imran Khan's Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) is at an advantage as the PTI is leading on 99 seats. Catch the Pakistan Elections 2018 Results Live News Updates here. The second party in the race is Shahbaz Sharif led Pakistan Muslim League (N), which is leading on 54 seats. And slowly but surely, it is getting clear that the former Pakistan cricket team captain and 1992 World Cup winning skipper, is set to politically lead his country now.

At this moment, it is worthy to visit back the moment when the legend of Imran became immortal in Pakistan. Yes, we are talking about the moment when Imran Khan lifted the coveted 1992 World Cup winning trophy. We bring you the video clip from the moment. Watch the video below:

Imran Khan, in the World Cup victory speech, first congratulated the England team for making it to the final, and then said that, "By winning this World Cup, personally, it means that one of my greatest obsessions in life, which is to build the Cancer hospital, this World Cup will go a long way in completion of this obsession." He also added that he was very proud that at the twilight of his career, he had managed to win the World Cup. One wonders what will the 'Captain' say after winning the top post in his country. Will Imran Khan be the next Prime Minister of Pakistan? Just few hours to go and we will know the answer. Though, the writing on the wall is quite clear. As they say in cricket and politics, the game is never over till the last bowl is bowled, in this case, till the last vote is counted.