Kim Jong-un Sent Pine Mushrooms Worth 1.83 Million Dollars to South Korea as Gift of Peace
Pine mushrooms sent as gift to South Korea (Photo credits: Twitter/cahulaan)

North Korean Leader Kim Jong-un sent a valued gift as a token of peace to South Korea on September 20. Kim Jong-un sent tonnes of pine mushrooms believed to be worth $1.83 million. These mushrooms are a top grade variety from the Chilbosan mountain. Although it is not clear where these mushrooms were grown. Kim Jong Un Carries His Own Portable Toilet To Singapore! Know Why North Korean Leader Takes it Everywhere he Goes! 

These mushrooms are so valuable that there has been a bid for them. According to South Korea's National Forestry Cooperative Federation, in a recent bid, these pine mushrooms got 769,100 won per kg. The mushrooms which have been sent will be given to 4,000 South Koreans who were separated from their families back in North Korea in the Korean War. South Korean President Moon Jae-in Seeks Nuclear Agreement with Kim Jong Un at Pyongyang Summit. 

The recipients too, have been selected on the basis of criteria. The oldest living members of the separated families will get 500 kg each informed South Korean President Moon Jae-in's spokesman. Each package has a personal card written by Moon. It reads, " North Korea has sent the pine mushrooms with their heart. (The mushrooms) carry the scent of the northern mountains." He also added a ray of hope to his people. He was quoted, "I hope the mushrooms, with the scent of North Korea intact, may offer some condolence. The day will surely come when you can embrace your loved ones."

Take a look at one of the recipients of Pine Mushrooms in South Korea:

The pine mushrooms are very difficult to grow and require perfect weather conditions for a good crop. Since they are not in plenty, the scarcity makes them more valued. It is also very difficult to find where these mushrooms grow in the wild.