Pakistan Envoy to UN Maleeha Lodhi Calls British PM Boris Johnson the ‘Foreign Minister’ of UK
Pakistan's envoy to the United Nations, Maleeha Lodhi. (Photo Credits: ANI)

United States, September 23: Pakistan's envoy to the United Nations, Maleeha Lodhi still believes that Boris Johnson is the Foreign Minister of UK even as he's ascended the career leader to lead Britain as its Prime Minister. Embarrassing her country, yet again, Lodhi tweeted, "Prime Minister Imran Khan met British Foreign Minister Boris Johnson this morning," attaching a picture of the Pakistani leader sitting with the British PM on Monday.

She's known to cause embarrassments for Pakistan at the United Nations, previously trying to pass off a picture of a 17-year-old Palestinian girl with pellet injuries on her face as 'evidence' of atrocities on Kashmiris in India. Lodhi had made the goof-up in her right to reply to External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj's speech at the UN in 2017. Her goof-up was strongly rebuked by India who lambasted the neighbour for using a fake picture to establish a false narrative. UK PM Boris Johnson Asks Queen Elizabeth-II to Suspend Britain's Parliament by Next Week Reportedly Over Brexit.

The Palestinian girl's picture was taken by award-winning photographer Heidi Levine, who also criticised the Pakistani diplomat's erroneous ways as being "unfair for the dignity of Rawya (the injured Palestinean girl) who is still struggling to overcome her injuries," while speaking to ANI. Recognising her mistake, Lodhi on Monday deleted her inaccurate tweet and apologised for her gaffe.