Suicide Attack in Tarimiya: Several Killed in North Baghdad
Several people killed in suicide attack in Tarmiya in north of Baghdad (Photo Credit: Twitter/@jamesnews242

Baghdad, May 16: Several people were killed in a suicide attack in the north of Baghdad on Wednesday. According to Reuters, a man wearing an explosive belt blew himself up in the middle of a group of people receiving condolences.  Many people were also wounded in the blast. The attack took place in Tarimiya, 25 km in the north of Baghdad.   As per  reports of Iraqi media outlets, total of 5 were killed and wounded, however the Iraqi government has not confirmed the casualty toll.

No terrorist group has claimed responsibility for the attack yet. Islamic State (IS) was dragged out of the country by Iraqi forces in December last year. The terrorist group had controlled one-third of Iraq in 2014. However, after the defeat, IS continues to carry out attacks in various parts of Iraq.

Two weeks earlier also Islamic State terrorists targeted Tarmiya. The terrorists killed eight unarmed civilians in the assault. IS also called for violence against Arab Nations. The main focus of targeting Arab Nations is to come closer to home, said IS spokesperson Abu Hassan al-Muhajir.