United Airlines Deboards African Woman & Children Due to 'Pungent' Body Odour, Victim Files Lawsuit Against Racial Discrimination
United Airlines (Image used for representational purpose) (Picture Source: United Facebook Page)

United Airlines is back in the news again, and as usual, it is for all the wrong reasons. In a case of racial discrimination, an African woman, and her children were kicked off a United Airlines flight, after a fellow passenger complained that she had a 'pungent odour'.

According to a Washington Post report, the incident took place two years ago, but the lawsuit was filed last week against the company. The victim, Queen Obioma, a Nigerian citizen, and her two children were stopped boarding a flight from Houston to San Francisco. The family had flown from Lagos and were on the second leg of a three-flight journey to Canada.

In the lawsuit, Obioma narrated her harrowing experience inside the flight. From blocking her from getting to her seat to the pilot personally requesting that she be removed because the 'white' male passenger, had complained that her smell was "pungent," and he was not comfortable flying with her.

In spite of Obioma explaining to them, that she was taking her children to school for the first time in Canada, and therefore she had appointments, which she can't afford to miss. However, she was not allowed entry inside the aircraft and was asked to leave, along with her kids. In the complaint, she mentions that how her children marched out of the plane like criminals, and how humiliating it was for her. The lawsuit alleges that such treatment was meted out to her, not because she was 'disruptive', but because she was 'black', and a white man, refused to fly with her.

Recently, the airline was in the news because a French bulldog named Kokito died during a flight from Houston to New York as a United Airlines attendant transported the pet in the overhead locker, resulting in death. From now allowing girls in leggings to board the aircraft to objecting to a passenger's breastfeeding, to forcefully dragging a passenger from his seat, United Airlines is one of the most infamous airlines, where not only passengers but pets are also not safe.