World's Richest Man Jeff Bezos Celebrates His Net Worth, While Employees at Amazon Struggle With Poor Working Conditions
Jeff Bezos (Photo Credits: toopanda)

At a time when the Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has been declared as the  world's richest person with net worth of $150 billion dollar, Bernie Sanders has tweeted condemning on how the workers at Amazon are treated. Bernie Sanders tweeted saying "Jeff Bezo’s newly renovated home in Washington DC will have 25 bathrooms. Meanwhile, Amazon workers skip bathroom breaks in order to meet their grueling work targets. #CEOsvsWorkers."

According to a report on Forbes,  Amazon workers in Germany, Spain and Poland are on a strike to highlight the poor conditions that fulfillment-center staffs have endured for years. The employees are on strike to protest against the appalling working conditions—which include forcing warehouse employees to skip bathroom breaks and urinate in bottles to meet the company's unrealistic performance expectations. Jeff Bezos Net Worth: Facts & Numbers That Will Blow Your Mind About The World's Richest Man

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The intention behind the workers' boycott was to get the company's attention on important issues like demanding higher wages, and also denouncing Amazon's union-busting efforts. They further hoped to make a dent in Amazon's bottom line on Prime Day, which is one of the busiest sales day on the marketing calendar of the company.