New Delhi, January 22: The experience during COVID-19 pandemic has given students a fresh perspective to life and prepared them better for facing its vagaries in future, Higher Education Secretary Amit Khare said on Friday.

"The experience of the COVID-19 pandemic would have given students a fresh perspective to life, and prepared them better for facing its vagaries in future. I urge students to emerge not as 'job seekers' but as 'job givers', to promote the individual capability of each student, teach them to think, equip them with the skills required to face the 21st century and global leaders, while imparting values rooted in Indian culture," Khare said at the convocation ceremony of Dayalbagh Educational Institution, Agra. COVID-19 in IIT Madras: 183 Students Test Positive for Coronavirus in Just 15 Days.

"India's journey from being a third world, fledgling democracy to this position of power and eminence is the result of the toil and dedicated contribution of every section of society. The role of the educated people in any sector has been especially significant because they have guided and led this change in various capacities. Today you are joining this rank of educated intellectuals, the young enlightened Indians who will lead the world," he added.

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