Lucknow, April 27: A Cyber hacker hacked the ticketing system of the Uttar Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation (UPSRTC), officials said on Thursday. UPSRTC further mentioned that hackers have demanded money to restore the system.

"Hacker encrypted the data of the passengers and demanded a ransom of Rs 40 crores in bitcoins in Indian currency valuation for returning this data to the Transport Department. The hacker also threatened to double the amount if the money is not received in two days," the official said. Russian Hacker Group Phoenix Targets Indian Health Ministry’s Website, Claims Cyber-Security Firm CloudSEK.

"Orion Pro Company is responsible for the online ticketing system of the Transport Corporation. Orion Pro's data centre was hacked by cyber hackers on Tuesday. Due to this, the data of the entire server got hacked," the official added. GTA 6 Leak Scandal: 17 Year Old Hacker Arrested in UK for Leaking Crucial Videos of Upcoming Grand Theft Auto Videogame Online - Reports.

In this regard, UPSRTC General Manager (IT) Yajuvendra Singh said that a case has been registered under the IT Act for damaging online data.

"A case has been registered with the Cybercrime police station under the IT Act for damaging online data, hacking data, sending objectionable material and information on the server, demanding extortion and obstructing government work. An investigation is underway," he said.

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