*"There is a possibility where you will fall many a times but life is a constant struggle with extreme lows and amazing highs", walking on these ideals meet a young boy Dawood Mansoor* .
Life need not to be long it should be big well said by someone. Walking on such ideals, Dawood Mansoori had grown up. A 20 year old boy from Amroha district in Uttar Pradesh, says there is a possibility where you will fall many a times but life is a constant struggle the graph keeps on changing.  With such maturity in this age is a grace of God. He says his father had gone through a lot during his childhood days. Keeping that thing in mind his father gave his family everything. Enjoying lavish life with moral values that is called a real satisfaction.
If you want to achieve success in your life then you should kick out negativity and bring in positivity, this is the only survival mantra in this modern era. The people in today's generation believed in just ordinary life, there primary focus is on to get a job and it satisfies them. Dawood is not that kind of boy, he says, if you wanted to be extraordinary then you should get detached from the ordinary things around you. A human being full of positivity totally transforms their capabilities. And this transformation will help you and your life to get back on track. One should always try new things and take risk, many a times there is a possibility that you will fall but your come back will be super duper hit.
Dawood's father is the Owner/ Director of a renowned brand, Patent Tea company private limited. He is very fond of extravagant lifestyle, luxury cars and watches. He always liked the sportsmanship within him as he is a national level volleyball player and also a cricketer. At the age of 20 he is running of own business. His advice to the coming generation is not to listen everyone around you, only listen to your closed one's only they will guide you the best. Last but not the least, never compromise with true path and honesty to get all those luxuries so that nature will also help u.give society all those things u want from God.