The program finds the most suitable loan solution for the buyer’s personal situation, is delivered in 24 hours and does not cause a hard pull on the buyer’s credit report. 

Atlanta, GA – Kindred Mortgage Group announces it is offering homeowner hopefuls a lending hand with a free Buying Power Analysis Program that determines preapproval likeliness and establishes a step-by-step action plan for potential credit-related challenges. The Atlanta-based mortgage broker’s program is a personalized mortgage planning solution that leads to higher rates of preapproval success for homeowners by focusing on finding loan options that match the unique profile of the buyer. In addition, the program can deliver a personalized plan to the buyer in 24 hours and with only a soft pull to the buyer’s credit report. 

“Most people seeking a preapproval for a loan make an inquiry that causes a hard pull on their credit report. If denied, they struggle to figure out the next steps but, with our program, the home ownership journey does not have to end there.” Said President & CEO Terica Kindred 

With the Buying Power Analysis Program, Kindred Mortgage Group provides an action plan for buyers. If Kindred Mortgage identifies potential challenges to approval based on credit, the analysis plan shows the buyer how to mitigate those challenges to pave the way for approval.

Representatives for Kindred Mortgage Group emphasize that the brokerage is different from other providers because of a focus on the unique needs of the homebuyer. The group provides a diverse range of mortgage loan products and client-tailored services across a broad range of lenders.

“The Kindred Mortgage Group approach is different. Unlike retail banks that try to fit buyers with a small set of available and possibly unfavorable banking products or loans, we maintain partnerships across lenders to give the buyer access to all the best options.”

Kindred Mortgage Groups’s core loan solutions include Fixed Rate mortgages, FHA, VA, Rehab, USDA, Jumbo, and First Time Home Buyer options. In addition, the brokerage offers investment property loans and refinancing. The group also has programs for self-employed borrowers, borrowers with ITIN numbers and people who want down payment assistance. Anyone considering buying a home or refinancing is encouraged by Kindred Mortgage Group to take advantage of their free Buying Power Analysis Program, available now. To start a credit-friendly analysis with Kindred Mortgage Group and to receive your personalized home ownership action plan, visit

About Kindred Mortgage Group

Kindred Mortgage Group is an Atlanta, Georgia-based mortgage brokerage dedicated to helping clients place their mortgages in a strategic position among their financial instruments, where it becomes an asset — not a liability. We offer personalized mortgage planning and mortgage financing for the unique needs of homebuyers, investors, realtors, CPAs and financial advisors seeking optimized mortgage solutions for their individual and business goals.