Maruti Suzuki Plans To Launch First Electric Car By 2020
Photo Credits: Facebook

We have been seeing supercars, some flying, some of those really cool functions in many of the Hollywood sci-fi but the closest we have seen in reality are the cars which run on their own. The electric, eco-friendly cars are no less than supercars today. Mahindra Electric is one company which is into manufacturing electric car models. And while some of these are seen abroad, now India’s largest carmakers plan to make one available to Indians by 2020. Maruti Suzuki along with Toyota plans to develop electric vehicles. They are soon going to begin their research with regards to these eco-friendly machines.

In its annual meet, Maruti Suzuki made this optimistic announcement to make electric cars available most likely in 2020. A memorandum has been signed with Toyota in which both the companies will work together on developing the vehicle, while Maruti will do the sales. This is a big step with regards to the government’s target of electrification in the decades to come.

Eco-friendly is the way to adapt to sustain this planet. A lot of damage has already been done to nature and with electric cars coming in use, is a big highlight in itself. Currently, the companies will conduct a research to understand the target market and the Indian’s views on electric cars.

These cars will, of course, be beneficial for the larger picture but may not be exactly affordable for the larger population. RC Bhargava, chairman of Maruti Suzuki assures the costs will eventually come down. The components required to make these cars will be manufactured outside, increasing the prices. But in the longer run, there is a plan to develop electric batteries in Suzuki’s Gujarat plant. Meanwhile, there also has to be some charging infrastructural setups to charge these cars, if they actually become a booming reality in the future.

Electric vehicles will be a major development in the industry of this country. The data research results should be out in February 2018, which will decide what kinds of cars are manufactured by 2020. So a lot is in the pipeline. Let us hope, we actually get to see it rolling out smooth.