San Francisco, July 3: Elon Musk has confirmed that the Tesla Cybertruck will be equipped with a 4-wheel directional steering, resulting in a feature similar to the Hummer EV's 'Crab mode'.

Over the last year, Musk has been talking about Tesla unveiling an updated version of the Cybertruck ahead of the start of production, which is still officially planned for later this year.

Now, the CEO has confirmed that the Tesla Cybertruck is going to have 4-wheel steering, Electrek reported. Tesla Model S Plaid Plus Officially Cancelled, Confirms CEO Elon Musk.

"We are adding rear-wheel steering, so it can do tight turns and maneuver with high agility," Musk said.

The CEO has been talking about Tesla updating the Cybertruck's adaptive air suspension. He had also talked about making the truck smaller. But Musk has scrapped that plan after a design review back in May 2020.

The company this week announced that it has produced and delivered over 200,000 vehicles in Q2 2021.

In the second quarter, the electric vehicle company produced 206,421 units and delivered 201,250 units.

Musk had written to his employees last week that Tesla is "executing well", but they need to "go all out" at the end of the quarter.

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